7 Easy and Effective Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn is the best place for relaxation. You can spend your leisure time and can connect with nature. It can also enhance the beauty of your home exterior. A well-maintained lawn can be the center of attraction. It will boost the value of your property. In addition, you will get a healthy environment. However, you will have to maintain your lawn regularly to retain the beauty and freshness. To help you out, followings are seven tips for  lawn care the village ok.

  1. Cleanup

Take time to stroll around your lawn. Inspect the scrubs and trees regularly. With regular inspection, you can take care of the broken branches. You will also find the plants that did not survive in a particular season. Prune the damaged branches and removes the dead leaves or twigs from the grass.

  1. Inspect the soil

Many of us do not test the soil of the lawn. In fact, we do not even think that it is necessary. In reality, you need to test the soil of your lawn once in a few years by your local agricultural office. By doing so, you will know about the soil pH important for the growth of the grass of your lawn. Once you know the soil’s pH, you can take adequate measures to increase the pH level. If you find it hard to visit your local agricultural office, you can buy a soil test kit. It will serve the same purpose.

  1. Use fertilizer

Your lawn also needs nutrition to ensure the proper growth. All the soils are not the same so their nutritional needs. Therefore, it is always suggested to take the help of experts while choosing the fertilizers. Besides, you need to fertilize at the right of the year. You should read the label before fertilizing to avoid overuse. Too much fertilizer can harm the lawn.

  1. Weed treatment

Weed control is important for almost all types of grass. You need to be more careful in the springtime. Otherwise, it will damage the grass. If you do not consider the weed treatment before they develop, then your entire summer will be spent taking care of them. Moreover, you might not be able to combat them completely even with your best effort. Prevention is better than the cure. Spring is the right time to use pre-emergent weed control. You should consider chemical free options.

  1. Take care of plant bed

The bed of your plants needs to be tidy and neat to offer a proper environment for growth with lawn service the village ok You can collect the debris and old leaves to make healthy beds for your plants. You can use edging tools to create natural edges around your plant beds.

  1. Use Mulch

Fresh mulch is required for the growth of your lawn. You can add an inch-thick-layer of the mulch in the beds of your plant around the trees. While doing so, make sure that it is not touching the tree trunks. Mulch will retain the moisture in soil and will keep the roots cool in a hot summer.

  1. Sprinkler

Use a sprinkler to keep your lawn hydrated important for your lawn health. You should choose a sprinkler wirh lawn service in the village okc that can cover most of your lawn. That will minimize your effort.