Inspecting Your Home for Pests

When buying a new home, you will obviously have it inspected to ensure it is safe and structurally sound. But will you think to have it inspected by a pest control expert to ensure your new purchase isn’t a home for rodents and bugs? Many people neglect having their home inspected and wind up buying more than they ever anticipated.
It is important to have your home inspected for bugs before you buy, which may seem obvious, but doesn’t happen often enough. A good number of people believe that a home inspection will also incorporate a pest inspection, but that is not always the case. While a home inspector may spot a few troublesome areas regarding rodents and pests, he or she is not a pest control specialist, and may miss some very key elements that may wind up being detrimental in the long run.

So, when interested in a buying a new home, it is important to have a pest control inspection, even if the home was just built. Depending upon the area of the home, drudging up soil can fill new homes with unwanted pests who have been displaced and are looking for a new home, as well. Regardless of the age of the home you are interested in purchasing, a visual inspection of the grounds is necessary. The pest control technician should be thoroughly inspecting the property, from crawl spaces and attics to garages and yards. While the home may not have a pest problem, the technician can determine if the home is susceptible to possible invasion and what you can do about it if you do purchase the home.

Having a pest inspection is necessary, especially if it has been determined that there may be a pest problem. Only a professional can ascertain the type of bugs that may be plaguing the home; treating for the wrong kind of pest really won’t do any good. When the pest control professional searches the exterior of the home, he or she will note any access points, which also may indicate structural damage.They understand the signs that indicate an infestation and if the house actually has termites, you will want to know immediately; the longer they are active, the more damage they will cause. Not only will the home need to be treated, but it may also need extensive repair. Termites are small and powerful, capable of destroying an entire structure. For someone considering a new home purchase, this could be a deal-breaker or it could be a major negotiation tool. For the home seller, a termite warranty that is transferrable to the buyer would be an appealing bonus, one that shows the homeowner took care of the home properly. As the homeowner or even as the potential homeowner, having the home thoroughly examined by qualified exterminators in phoenix AZ will help it maintain its value over time, as with any regular maintenance. Purchasing a home might be the largest investment you ever make, so making sure the home is in the best shape possible is imperative, not only for resale value, but as a safe, healthy place for your family to live.

As with any service, it helps to detect the problem before it turns into major issue. When purchasing a home, you would surely inspect the air conditioning unit, and if you found it leaked Freon, you would make sure it was serviced regularly and fixed. The same is true with pest control. Having a pest inspection can help you determine if there’s an infestation issue and then set up a regular routine to combat the problem. If no issue is found, a regular maintenance plan can be arranged to ensure the critters don’t get in.

In addition to the damage bugs can cause, many can also cause illness, so making sure the home is inspected in a health issue, as well. Fleas, ticks, cockroaches, mosquitos, bedbugs, rats, and mice can all carry diseases and carpenter ants, beetles and the pesky termite can all cause structural damage.

When having a pest control inspection, the exterminator may make some recommendations to you to help keep the home pest free. In addition to a regular pest control service, they may give you some advice as to how to keep the pests at bay. To discourage bugs, keep wood piles far from the structure of your home, as to not entice mice, termites and roaches from congregating. Make sure the perimeter of your home is caulked and cover holed with wire mesh and reduce clutter around the outside. Bugs love moisture, so fix leaky pipes and don’t let water pool outside your home. Mosquitos, termites, even scorpions seek moisture, so make sure your home stays dry. Keep your food sealed in air tight containers and don’t let trash accumulate. You will also want to inspect anything you bring into your home, from packages to furniture to ensure you are not escorting pests into your new home. Lastly, if you learn you do have a particular type of pest, learn all you can about it so you can combat its presence. There may be home remedies you can use in-between professional pest extermination appointments, and knowing what to look for may help you rid your home of these intruders.

While it is true you may get an incredible deal on a home that is infested with bugs or rodents, you will need to determine if you are up to the challenge of eliminating them. Once pests have settled into a space, getting rid of them is not always easy. It can be quite expensive, too, so make sure the home is one that is truly worth the effort before you buy it. A simple inspection by Arizona pest control companies can give you peace of mind or steer you away from an expensive and potentially harmful situation. While money might be a large factor in your home’s purchase, more importantly should be the health of those who must live in the home. Safeguarding your family from possible health care issues due to rodents or bugs should be paramount.